Mirage Radio Yachts

Mirage Radio Yachts has just launched itís new IOM design, Mojo.
A boat designed to improve on the already successful Cheinz concept.

The boat performed very well, showing exceptional upwind performance as well as maintaining the downwind speed of the Cheinz.
Tacking ability at the top end of the rigs was also very good showing the new appendages are working as well as expected.
The new deck layout features a removable plastic lid and repositioned winch.
With the concept living up to expectations, there will now be a process of building production moulds etc., and orders will be taken in the New Year.

Sailed it itís first regatta recently (30th Nov/1st Dec), in Kapiti NZ,(Murray Rountree event), and won comfortably sailed by Rob Nelson.
Results are on the NZRYA site under Windy Wellington!.Video shows blue Mojo in C rig. Conditions were #2 and #3 rig on Saturday and bottom to top of #1 rig on Sunday.(Why doesnít every regatta have these winds?).

RG65 - Continues to do well finishing 1st,2nd,3rd in New Zealand RG65 Championship.